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YAHUSHUA John 10:18 KJV Did Yahusha abolish the Law and the 613 original commandments or fulfill them? When reading and understanding the Torah which are Yahuah's (God's) teaching," "doctrine," or "instructions which in it's narrow sense are called the Laws of Moses which are found in the 7 And the peace of God [YAHUAH], which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus [Yahushua]. Recall that Yahushua (Jesus) asked Peter the question, “who would you say that I am?” Peter replied, “the Son of the living Elohim (God). In the past we were taught that the Hebraic pronunciation of Father was Abba. And many thanks to YAHUAH for YAHUSHA Ha’Mashiach. There is only one Eloah. We are not returning to Hebrew roots, the real bride never left them.

(since the creation of Ahdahm/Adam) roman year Oct. Allow this truth to pierce the innermost parts of your hearts, and you will share in Our joy unspeakable. ” (Luke 1:31) Joseph was told the same thing by the angel: “You shall call His name Yahushua for He shall save His people from their Explore Ellie Walsh's board "Yahuwah and Yahushua", followed by 283 people on Pinterest. Yahushua did not start The Way when He showed up on Earth; He defined The Way through His actions of following Torah. " John 3:34 Omnipresence of Yahusha ha Mashiak.

After restoring Yahuah’s set apart name in your life, now it time to learn His Torah, which is simply His Instructions. When the angel Gabriel was sent to Mary to tell her she would bear Yahuwah’s Son, he told her what to name the Baby: “You will conceive in your womb, and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Yahushua. Yahuah synonyms, Yahuah pronunciation, Yahuah translation, English dictionary definition of Yahuah. The Messiah carries the fullness of His Father's name of all four Hebrew letters of YOD, HE, VAV, HEwritten as YAHUAH in English. (Yah is our salvation, Yah Saves!)He even spoke HIS name to Shau'l (Paul) in Hebrew! (ACTS 26:14-15) Spelling of the Saviour's Name: Y'shua, Yahushua, Yahshua! .

Aibreet, Aibreem All of the Scriptures were written in Picto Hebrew (early Semitic), Paleo Hebrew (middle Semitic), Square Aramaic (late Semitic), and/or Mishnaic Hebrew languages since the writers were Aibreem and the Aibreet language is the set-apart language. BE READY FOR THE MOST HIGH'S DAY! GOOD NEWS!! THE 4 ANGELS INCLUDING LUCIFER ARE NOW DEAD. Have your way in us Abba YAHUAH! (A Free Ministry) We, at His Glory! HaMishkan Community, are not affiliated with ANY denomination. See more ideas about Torah, Bible studies and Hebrew words. Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

Negroes, Latinoes, and Native Americans are the only people who fit the curses of Deuteronomy ch. Synonyms for Yahuah in Free Thesaurus. And as you do, be prepared for what He reveals! I dedicate this website to Yahuah and His Son Yahushua (Jesus Christ, Son of God) First of all ALL Praise to YAHUAH our Mighty One creator of the Shamayims and all that is in it. Yahuah Bible: Restored Name King James Version Translation and Transliteration [Daniel W Merrick PhD] on Amazon. YaHUSHua = YAHUAH.

VISITATION, VICTORY AND VINDICATION is come, says Yahuah Threats by YaHUaH are not winsome or menpleasers ! The Holy Names of YaHUaH & YaHUShUA are here for you. But seek ye first the kingdom of YAHUAH, and his righteousness. Welcome to The Path To Yahuah, our foundation is in the Torah, the writings, and the Prophets. also Yah·veh or Jah·veh or Jah·weh n. and for sure your Destiny says father Yahuah in Yahushua name Followers of Yahushua Ha Mashiach Palaeo-Hebrew vs.

Torah is a relationship, not a religion. Do not rely on others, but rest your faith and trust in Yahushua and the Father, Yahuah. Post about Yahuah Elohim The Torah, Yahushua our Messaih, The Bible,and The Rainbow promise. The Kingship of Yahusha HaMashiach. We are a relational independent group of believers in Yahushua Ha Mashiach.

PRAISE BE TO YAHUAH AND YAHUSHUA Thank you Abba Yahuah for allowing Apostle Rosalind to share this message and these prayers with us. Explore Heather Michelle ♡'s board "Yahuah & Yahushua teachings" on Pinterest. Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in. Matthew 6:19-34 (HRB2012) 19 Do not treasure up for you treasures on the earth, where moth and rust cause to corrupt, and where thieves dig through and steal. Scripture is written with many applications to the text for example literal, principle, personal, 1 John/Yahuchanan 2:3-11 "Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.

Yahushua's sufferings are written in the Davidic Psalms, the Thanksgiving Psalms of the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as MattiYahu, Mark, Luke, and John! Yahushua did plea to Abba Yahuah daily in agony and torment as He suffered our Living Death, nega tzara'at! In Psalms 56 Yahushua asked Yahuah to, "Put my tears in your bottle"! For Yahuah alone 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in Yahuah. Israel Deception: The Great Conspiracy Unmasked This video is packed with biblical truth regarding true Israel. Under normal circumstances I would not bother to write an article about something as trivial as the difference between the vowel sounds "e" and "ah. I do not believe Yahushua is Eloah. " So now we have YAHUAH the Father, YAHUAH the Son, and YAHUAH Ruach (Set-Apart Spirit) The problem, that virtually everyone has, is that they have never known the Name of our Creator and Savior, because of the "Holy Roman Catholic Church’s" deception that has been used by Satan to deceive the entire world ! Marriage, Divorce And Patriarchal Marriage By: Moshe Eliyahu The name given to me by Yahushua in 1990 through many different prophecies and witnesses Former slave name (Warren Sr.

Messiah actually quoted the Sh’ma as the Great Commandment in: Matthew 22: 36. n 1. That would contradict the Ten Commandments. The Command to Crown Joshua 9 Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: 10 "Receive the gift from the captives--from Heldai, Tobijah, and Jedaiah, who have come from Babylon--and go the same day and enter the house of Josiah the son of Zephaniah. YHWH HaMashiach, Stillwater, OK.

I have created this site to proclaim the names of The Almighty One Yahuah and His name as Yahusha of which in due season, His children will grow to discern how they are One. Dear Chaciyd(Saints),. Achi and Mashpachah I am your Achi who kneels and bows his head daily to YAHUAH and gives thanks. The word Yahudah would become Yahuah, or YaHuWaH. These are their true names! These are the names we Committed to waking up the lost sheep of Israel while striving to keep the commandments of YAHUAH and faith in His Son YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH.

Now adding a bit of reasoning from the Strong's Concordance. Shalom-my name is James Hollen. Studies for Edification. EMET in YAHUAH and YAHUSHA After Yahushua had healed the man who had an infirmity at the pool of Bethesda, He said to him in Jn. Choose life so that you and your seed (descendants) may live, love YAHUAH your YAHUAH (The Almighty One of Oaths), obey YAHUAH, and remain faithful and hold on to YAHUAH.

Seek to follow Yahushua HaMashiach while the time permits you. We have seen many articles discussing the pronunciation of the name of our Messiah as either “Yahushua” or “Yahusha”. proper Holy Days of Israel, . Lastly, and most importantly, the Hebrew pronunciation of our Savior's name should be used since the deity of YAHUSHUA is proven therein. | See more ideas about Zondagschool, Kinderdienst and Ideeën.

As for the creator many Messianics call Him Yahweh / Yahwah / Yahuah / Yahvah / Yahveh, ect. [Yahushua] was in fact [Elohim] AND existed with the Father (Yahuah) before the creation of intelligent life! Pray, repent, and abide in Yahushua by obeying him. Yahushua HaMashiach Prophetic/Apostolic Ministries 2011 Statement of beliefs : A Concerned Believer in Yahuah, Our Creator and Yahushua, His So n T his website is dedicated to you. I also believe that The Almighty Yahuah sent His Set-apart Spirit in Yahusha’s name to make alive the content in The Scriptures. The one true foundation was and still is Yahushua Ha Mashiach (1 Corinthians 3:11).

In the event one does not have Him as the foundation, but instead theirs is built on man’s untempered mortar… it will fall!. ” Yahushua (Jesus) responding by saying that flesh and blood had not revealed it to him but his Father in heaven. See Table at Bible. This Name is above all other names. said that JOHN the Baptist was preparing the way for HIM.

The Deity of YAHUSHUA. Also in the New Testament the prophets are seen as having a distinct role and purpose. . We never were exonerated from following the Law, which are the commandments, the statutes, and ordinances of Yahuah, presented in the Old Testament. Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try.

The Way is a journey we all must travel as Disciples of Yahuah/Yahushua. Prophecy 24 part 1: I will only answer your prayers in the NAME of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Do not wait for others to start and you will follow. Passover – The True Sign and Seal of Yahuah It is only by adhering to the principles of counting to Passover as the fourteenth day from the first full New Moon after the Vernal Equinox in the constellation Bethula (Virgo) that all other sacred days fall succinctly into place. In the Bible, a Hebrew leader who succeeded Moses as leader of Israel.

We must search through the Scripture to find the hidden truth of YHWH/Yahuah Word. Isa 40:3 . "Jesus" is not the Messaih, Jesus is a fictional name, proactively fashioned to replace the true Name of the Messaih. Pilate Posted The Name In Acrostic. If you have not received Yahushua as your Mashiach then receive Him.

Join us in this journey of truth and understanding. Master, which is the great commandment in the Torah? 37. PRINCE MESSIAH or Molech Your KING. 5:14, "See, you have been made I believe that you sent your Son, Jesus (Yahushua), to die on the cross, that He rose again 3 days later, and that He is coming back for me. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers.

The letter Y at the beginning of the Name is followed by the Hebrew letter hay, and the letters yod-hay comprise the short form of the proper Name Yahuah (mostly seen as Yahweh). Pray and ask me what you should give to my ministry Prophetic Voice of Yahushua Ministry. The Real Hebrew Israelites. While they receive their recompense, I shall reward My faithful, fruitful ones with a grand celebration. Yahuah anointed Yahusha with the Ruch Ah Qudsh and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because Yahuah was with him.

YAHUSHUA John 10:18 KJV I am YAHUAH, and there is none else. The same relationship we have with our Father in Heaven. It is important to know the name of our Creator and His Son the Messiah. He who says, I know Him, and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. YHWH's, יהוה Love and Torah (Law) (Teaching) (Instruction) is for ALL Nations, ALL Peoples, at Lion Ministries we are not separatists, our aim is to cultivate an understanding in the world of the Biblical Elohim and the Biblical Jesus, Yahushua.

T. Hear O Yisrael The Ten Commandments. Can be spelled as: Yahuweh,Yahowah, Yahuah. SIN IS THE FAILURE TO COME TO THE FATHER YAHUAH THROUGH THE MESSIAH YAHUSHUA! Plain and simple! If this is not done we remain in darkness, lawless and prone to committing SINS! But don't those in the light commit sins too? Description : Every single true prophet in the Bible came singin in the name of one true G-d the Father of Yahushua the Messiah whose name is Yahuah. [Yeshua] or [Yahushua] is often taught as the Hebrew word(s) for About pilgrim217 Student of the Word of YAHUAH and Follower of YAHUSHUA ha'Mashyach.

I call Him Yahuah. Scripture is written with many applications to the text for example literal, principle, personal, There are divisions in the world today about the Father and His Son, the Designer, and the Creator, of the Universe and their relationship. Yahushua synonyms, Yahushua pronunciation, Yahushua translation, English dictionary definition of Yahushua. The Barley wave offering was done on the Feast of Firstfruits and Yahushua was the Firstfruit onto YAHUAH. No doubt, some or many of us were already confused to the point that we placed it aside and decided “it does not really matter”.

WEB SITE agrees with the proper . We (Yahuah, Yahushua, and the Ruach HaKodesh), only see beauty, when you can only see scars. His Name is Yahuah, and He has a Son named Yahushua. You do not do any work — you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates. All through scripture men and women called on the Name of the Most High and in the New Testament, believing in the Name of the Messiah is salvation.

Accelerating natural disasters; nations on the verg Shabbat Shalom Yisreal!!! Blessings Misphacha, Happy to see you, Family!! BE FULL OF YAHUAH JOY IN YOU!! HALLELUYAH!!! Praise that our JOY IN HIM BE FULL!! Overflow IN ABBAS Refreshed Renewed Ruach HaKodesh REST Peace IN YOUR Heart BY HIS WORD SPIRIT & TRUTH HE HAS CHOSEN YOU, ALL GLORY TO YAHUSHUA Merciful Wonderful YAH ALMIGHTY HALLELUYAH Remember the Sabbath day, to set it apart. Praise YaHuWaH Songs of Praise. The best description of the Feast Days can be found perfectly preserved for us in one handy chapter of the TaNaK. Natsarim do not refer to Yahuah by any Pagan titles or names, they use His true Name, being careful to guard it and not allow it to be destroyed (not using it destroys it). shalom zaqyn Asheer, as always - first and foremost: ALL honor, praise and glory to whom it richly belongs >>> YHWH, also todah YHWH for our plan of salvation thru Yahushua.

Define Yahuah. I hope we can clear up some of the divisions that the people are in with the teaching in this document, about the Father Yahuah and His Son Yahusha and about the Father’s Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh Is the Torah of Yahuah still relevant today? Is it still in affect or did it pass away? Was it nailed to the cross? No, the Torah is forever, without a jot or tittle passing away until there is no Earth or Heavens. YAHUSHUA, though similar to Yeshua, differs in a few ways. c. We love ALL and welcome ALL to challenge you to grow in the Word of YHUH Elohim through His Son Yahushua HaMashiach.

Acts 10:38 For the one whom Yahuah has sent speaks the words of Yahuah, for Yahuah gives the Spirit (Ruch) without limit. In the picture above you can see scripture that proves that YAHUAH. It is that of Father and Son. He was and is the perfect Disciple of Yahuah because of His following the Torah perfectly; which, means He lived without sin. Foremost among a large part of Messianic Judaism’s scholars, it is believed to be the more correct rendering as it maintains Yah which is found at the beginning of the Creators Name.

Yahushua means YHWH is salvation! I FATHER YAHUAHS authority SURELY RESIDES IN YOU AND ALSO rests on AND IN you, I KNOW you are more than able for every PURPOSE AND assignment. And as you do, be prepared for what He reveals! I dedicate this website to Yahuah and His Son Yahushua (Jesus Christ, Son of God) The revealing of TRUTH about YAHUAH Elohim; that His BLACK SON is an exact replica of Him, and that THE (BLACK) CHOSEN PEOPLE LOOK LIKE YAHUSHUA AND THUS LOOK LIKE YAHUAH ELOHIM IS THE TRUTH WHICH SHALL BRING SALVATION TO ALL! TRUTH ABOUT YAHUSHUA MUST BE ACCEPTED, EMBRACED AND KNOWLEGABLY BELIEVE IN EVERY ASPECT! The Catholics own Encyclopedia . YAhushua said unto him, Thou shalt love YAHUAH thy Elohim with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. I’ve heard and seen enough. Living the Hebrew lifestyle and following Yahuah’s instructions as you believe in Yahusha will matter more than anything else.

So, let us carefully uncover the real name of the Son. Endure in obedience to the end and you will be rewarded. Although He continues to warn those walking in disobedience to repent, He is not often extremely hard in tone or presentation. And YAHUAH came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. 1,364 likes · 5 talking about this.

The Messiah’s Hebrew name is usually transliterated as either Yeshua or Yahshua. " We believe and teach the message of salvation by grace through faith in Yahushua and repentance from sin (defined in Scripture as disobeying Yahuah's commandments in the Torah - 1 John 3:4), and that the proper, biblical expression of our faith is to do our best to obey His commandments and love one another. Define Yahushua. 2The Sons name is Yahusha - Son of YHWH/Yahuah *In most bibles the name of the Father has been changed to G-D and L-rd. asheer's Page on YAHUSHUA SPEAKS from BEGINNING to END.

Does BAAL GAD equal the LORD GOD Well, no sooner did I post a wonderful quote from Charles Spurgeon on Facebook tonight than someone decided to start a debate (claiming the quote was a great example of “hyper-grace” — whereas, in fact, Spurgeon stood firmly against what is taught in hyper-grace circles today; plus, I don’t post inspirational quotes to start debates!), someone else questioned why I an This Revelation 18:4 – Come Out Of Her study discusses the names of the Father and the Son. Hebrew Roots Research by Lew White. I pray that Yahuah guides you safely through your journey in search for the real Truth . com. LIVE Podcast Sunday Mornings 7:30AM P.

Let us turn to the great book of Wayyiqra (Leviticus) where all the Feast Days are listed. " Yahushua had not yet at that point in the Resurrection day (Firstfruits of Barley) been accepted and taken up to YAHUAH once he had been Lifted up and accepted as the Firstfruit Offering he then returned to Earth. " When one believes in calling on the name of Yahushua, then is immersed (baptized)in the name of Yahushua, by calling on the name of Yahushua, we are indeed calling on the Name of YHWH, Yahuah (Ya-Hoo-ah). The law is first the blade, then the ear, thereafter the full corn. For most of my ministry, Father has spoken about His heart along with future events related to prophecy.

Your mind may be too small for all this but at least love "YaH". I pray that this prayer would be in effect by the blood of Yahushua for all those in my family line and all those I have ever met or have had contact with in this life. Babylonian Hebrew This is the Father's name written in Palaeo-Hebrew (right to left) Yahuah This is the Son's name written in Palaeo-Hebrew (right to left) The revealing of TRUTH about YAHUAH Elohim; that His BLACK SON is an exact replica of Him, and that THE (BLACK) CHOSEN PEOPLE LOOK LIKE YAHUSHUA AND THUS LOOK LIKE YAHUAH ELOHIM IS THE TRUTH WHICH SHALL BRING SALVATION TO ALL! TRUTH ABOUT YAHUSHUA MUST BE ACCEPTED, EMBRACED AND KNOWLEGABLY BELIEVE IN EVERY ASPECT! YHWH/Yahuah does not sound like the God of Ahayah, Exodus 3:14, it sounds like the deceiver Satan! Hayah is not known to be naughty or wicked in the Strongs concordance. So, mark this day, little one, and know that your Father has heard and the response you seek, it comes, with a strong REBUKE for this wicked generation. I pray Yahuah continues to lead and guide you on your journey… The Most important thing to the Father is that you have crossed over out of darkness into His marvellous light.

So remove the Dalet from Yahudah and you get Yahuah. Putting YHWH First. Yahushua is the Messiah Does Christianity teach the Truth? Is the Name "Jesus" Pagan? Enter the Narrow Gate . I'm here to bring out the truth about the identity of the the true israelites. Name of God, one that was revealed to us.

For YAHUAH is your life, and YAHUAH will prolong your life in the land YAHUAH swore to give to our fathers Abraham, Yitschaq (Isaac), and Yacob (Jacob). THE NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME YHWH/YHVH, YAHUAH, "HaYAH Asher HaYAH" ("I AM that I AM") also known as Yahuwah/ Yahuweh/Yahweh and Yahveh; YAH and YAHUSHA the Messiah / "ha Mashiach" (YHWH's only Son) along with his Ruach (Spirit) ha (the) (Q)(K)odesh (Set Apart, Separation or the Separator) רוחהקודש the “SPIRIT of YHWH” all “ONE”! Now that we behold Abba's (our father's) NAME, let us find out His Son's Name. Watch Queue Queue The real truth is that Jehovah, Jah, God, or Lord is not the name of the Most High and neither is Jesus the name of the Messiah. May the message of this book,‘The Imposter’ be implemented into your being, so that you, the reader, will see that the time is upon us. If you feel YAHUAH has blessed you with HIS wisdom on this site, and you feel compelled to give something, please make a donation to a homeless shelter in your area.

is yahusha the alahym yahuah Posted on October 12, 2016 by Aloheinu Ministry under Hebraic Bible , Hebrew bible , Original Language Bible , Religion , Spiritual , Uncategorized Many claim that YAHUSHA is ALAHYM instead of ALAHYM manifested Himself as YAHUSHA. I believe the names Yahuah and Yahusha best represent the sacred names in pronunciation and spelling. A name for God thought to represent the original pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton among the ancient Hebrews. YAHUSHA is our good shepherd he is the king of righteousness. Rabbi Yahushua (Jesus) maintains that both the law and the prophets prophesied until John (Matt 11:13) and that the prophets were the bearers of the word of Yahuah to their community.

encourage you to seek His Word and Truth through Yahushua and trust in those truths that you have found first before believing anything written herein. Exodus 6:3 when it says Abraham did not know me by that name (YHWH), he knew me by the name El Shaddai. The name of the Almighty in the Old Testament is YAHUAH (yod, he, vav, he) with four Hebrew letters and appears close to 7000 times. Consider then the teachings of our Messiah 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤔𐤅𐤏 (Yahushua), our great Rabbi (teacher), who is the Word of our Abba (father) 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 (YAHUAH/YaHuWaH). Obeying sets us apart.

Israel was scattered to the four corners of the earth because of disobedience. If the Hebrew names had been left intact in the Scriptures, it would be much more difficult, if not impossible, for a person to be persuaded against the deity of YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH. Even if yahuah to be transliterated over into Hebrew, it results into a very blasphemous representation and is demeaning and insulting to Jews or any other Hebrew Speaking tongues. 38. Also, Yahuwah and Yahushua are correct transliterations (sound the same, and spelled similarly).

Yahusha= The name of the Son; meaning Yahu is our deliverer. are Pagan Holy Days. Yahweh is Salvation. As we continue to move on in the things of YAHUAH, we must learn to look at the Ancient Hebrew and the primitive root word. n.

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of Alahim to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. And YAHUAH said, Behold, the people [is] one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Who is Family of Messiah? Family of Messiah YahuShuah Assembly is a set-apart assembly of worshipers who have returned to the Hebrew belief of our forefathers Abraham, Yitshaq, and Ya'aqob (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and call upon the true Hebrew Name of the Father – יהוה [YAHUAH], Molder and Creator of the universe. overseer of Elbethel A Sabbath Day Church. Now Your Real Training Begins (by Yahusha's Spirit within you) The Lamb Legacy Foundation is now actively accepting registrations to access its Library.

He especially saw himself in relation to Elijah and Elisha (Luke 4). I accept your gift of salvation, and ask that you come into my heart and be my Saviour. After the true foundation of Yahushua Ha Mashiach is built, the walls of obedience shall be constructed. Bishop Ronald K Hairston Jr. We should be hearing Abba's Name and we do hear His name in His Son's name.

Now you know why I sign Yahushua the way I do. Who comes in YAHUAHS NAME. I YAHUAH Elohim Whirlwinds is coming to scatter, to shake, to separate, TO MOVE TO MISPLACE to sift and shift the nations of the earth, for the MANY days are coming when the righteous will cry out these are the days of Elijah AND EVEN MOSES, but the CRY OF THE wicked will cry out these are the days of OF THE FLOOD OF Noah and SO many WILL AND shall look for a way of ESCAPING and WILL NOT find Your time frame is within theses next seven days begining today till next Wedesday-11-7-18 says the Father God Yahuah . I have some friends who follow the Hebrew Bible and teachings and have told me the Creator’s Name is Yahuah (Yahuwah) are they wrong? Despite the fact that nearly all credible scholars and biblical references confirm and use “Yahweh,” there are still those who insist on using the “u” in the Name, i. Announcing the Kingdom of YaHuWaH! ( YaHuaH ) One Name for the Father, Son and RuWach.

What are The Revelation of Yahushua the Messiah book. In Antioch, Jews and followers of the Way, met, prayed, worshipped together. Six days you labour, and shall do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of Yahuah your Aluhym. I am not persuaded by tax deductions. If you find you are going in the opposite direction, turn around and come back to Yahuah's ways.

Most of mankind has lost the names of the Father Yahuah and His Son Yahusha. Yahuahs House of Refuge International Ministries True Word Teacher and Overseer of YHRIM Moshe EliYahu - Teaching Yahuahs Restoration Truths in the Last Days of this End Time Generation. The name Jesus on the other hand is a fairly new name. [Yahushua] was in fact [Elohim] AND existed with the Father (Yahuah) before the creation of intelligent life! We (Yahuah, Yahushua, and the Ruach HaKodesh), only see beauty, when you can only see scars. Shalom and Yah Bless, Felicia I encourage you to seek the Father, Yahuah for the truth in all things.

The evidence was on the ossuary, this was a box used for From the Pastor’s Desk ABBA WHO? May 2006 . The Name of YaHUaH is profitable and we are His profitable servants. Yahuah Yahushua Congregation of Yahuah Levelland Shabat True Faith A forum dedicating to finding the truth in Yahuah's prophetic word. *In most bibles the name of the Son has been changed to J-esus. The Savior’s Name in Aramaic, [Wvy; written in stone on the ossuary (bone burial box) of James, the Brother of Yahushua What is His Name? New Archaeological evidence re-veals that before the turn of the first century the name of our Savior was written as “ [Wvy ” in the Aramaic script.

Be ever watchful for our redemption is nigh. 2012 Yahushua I take up the sword of the Spirit, The Holy Word of Yahuah, and I sever all evil soul ties between these evil spirits and my family, friends, and acquaintances. Yahushua is the true Name of our Messiah, as well as the successor of Moses. By this we know that we are in Him. 8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think about such things .

5:14, "See, you have been made Yahuah= The name of the Father; Yod, Hey, Uau, Hey; YHUH; I simply look at Yahudah in the strongs concordance and notice they are spelled the same except for the D or the Dalet. I think that one of the biggest deceptions is that the enemy has caused people to not understand the Father’s personal, covenant name. It is a one soul`s journey. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of Yahuah is perfected in him. e.

Yahshua has been the name of our savior since the day he was born. 10 synonyms for Yahweh: Jahvey, Jahweh, Jehovah, JHVH, Wahvey, Yahve, Yahveh, Yahwe, YHVH, YHWH. 28:15-68. Praise music and all downloads are free, you can also see the music videos at our YouTube site, scroll down for easy access. Yahuah […] We (Yahuah, Yahushua, and the Ruach HaKodesh), only see beauty, when you can only see scars.

7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I YAHUAH do all these things. Chanukah Hanukkah Essential Items Explore Heather Michelle ♡'s board "Yahuah & Yahushua teachings" on Pinterest. Do we love YHWH? The Sign of Jonah (or how to count to 3) Yahushua taught non-violence. So [Yahushua] co-existed "with" [Yahuah] the Father as a separate or individual being, and He shared the Father's nature of "being" [Elohim]. The Natsarim.

The Most High and His Son's name, are Hebrew in origin, therefore their names would not be pronounce in such a way. 28, 2017 I was out in the country, a great distance from populated areas with a medium sized group of people. Antonyms for Yahuah. From Noah with whom Yahuah made a covenant to Jesus (Yahushua) whom Yahuah made into a covenant, they all came in that name. May these words found within this book be simple, yet easy to understand.

יהושע. YAHUAH, loves Life, Beauty, Colors, Songs & Sounds of Praise, along with Faith (Amunah), which ultimately pleases him. S. yahushua visits me and shows me a judgment that is upon us Vision received Dec. " This upset the Yahudim because they could see the acrostic message containing the Name, Yod-Hay-Uau-Hay.

8 Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth yehsu'ah, and let righteousness spring up together; I YAHUAH have created it. I am not a 501-c3 government enity. Yahuah. We are the Watchmen, The Natsarim, as spoken of in the Prophets (Old Testament) and Brit Hadasaha (New Testament). Here, we will discover what YaHUaH (The Creator) has to say about these festivals.

I was convicted by the Name Yahusha when reading Zechariah 6. Moses' successor, who led the Israelites in the conquest There is power in the Name of Yahushua,"Yah's salvation,Yah Saves. The relationship between Yahuah and Yahusha is not difficult to understand. This relationship is the code of conduct for the government or kingdom of Yahuah, to reign with His bride, Israel. YAHUSHUA John 10:18 KJV This particular message is one from Father, Yahuah Himself.

In Matthew 5:17 Yahushua said "Think not that I come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill". Pilate posted the identity of Yahusha in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin: "Yahusha HaNatsari Umelek HaYahudim. It agrees that Christmas and Easter . “Jehoshua” meaning “Jehovah saved” should be “Yahushua” meaning “Yahuwah saved” or also “I am He who saves”. 11 Take the silver and gold, make an elaborate crown, and set it on the head of By pronouncing YAHUSHUA, we state that YAHUAH is salvation.

*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. His Son's name was NOT called the hellenized version, Jesus! The messenger, Gabriel told His Hebrew parents to name Him a Hebrew Name, Yahushua. From the Pastor’s Desk ABBA WHO? May 2006 . Here is our latest YouTube Scriptural Study video which is attempting to answer the questions received from some various individuals and groups on why we have remained with the Name Yahushua as Yahusha was never called "JESUS" while He was on Earth. Now its time for OBEDIENCE to Yahuah Set Apart Instructions.

Normally I sign the name YHWH or YH which indicates Yah. The first followers of Yahusha were known of as a sect called the Natsarim. and YHWH/Yahuah does not sound like the God of Ahayah, Exodus 3:14, it sounds like the deceiver Satan! Hayah is not known to be naughty or wicked in the Strongs concordance. For without Faith (Amunah) it is IMPOSSIBLE to please YAHUAH! Deuteronomy 13:1-5 If there arise among you a Prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder, And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other g-ds, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them; Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the YAHUAH your Elohim proveth you, to Matthew 22:36-40(v36)Master, which is the great commandment in the law?(v37)Yahushua said unto him, Thou shalt love Yahuah thy Elohim with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. Yahushua Wear is a clothing business that promotes the name of Yahushua(Jesus) ,I'm asking for help in keep the name of Yahushua thru the highways and byways ,also I have became Bishop over 11 Churches in Africa,and doing much work in India.

In fact the 1611 King James Bible initially spelled it “Iesus”. We will also look into the various Name "endings" of [shua] for Messiah’s Name. 2. the Strong’s Concordance tells us that it was pronounced “ee-ay-sooce” not Jesus. Daniel Merrick at the age of 7 said the sinner's prayer and began reading his Bible every day.

Yahushua followed the Torah as did the Apostles and Paul. Chanukah Hanukkah Essential Items. ) Yahuah Revised in the 7th month of the year 5994 s. Their names are Yahuah and Yahushua Ha'Mashiah. The English name "Jesus" stems etymologically from "Jupiter-Zeus" the chief god of the ancient Greece.

Ex 6:3 And I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by the name of God Almighty, but by my I pray this booklet brings esteem to Yahuah and to His Son, Yahushua, while exposing the fake messiah along with his fake kingdom. Welcome to Yahuah's Oasis, where it's all things Yahuah !! We have videos on Vimeo for all the PDF studies, scoll down for easy access to our Vimeo site. Now, let’s go back to the Name of our Messiah. Yahuah is not only the Father of Yahusha but He is the Father of all His sons in the same way. Hence, this Believer understands this rock expression to be the rock of revelation.

Dare not touch MY throne in your own names for there is no name to intercede for you but MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. Yahuah, G-d of Abrham, the God of Yitzhak the God of Yaaqob is his name. What does it mean to say “only begotten” Son? We begin with the scripture commonly known as John 3:16: Define Yahushua. Hebrew "names" have "character definitions" ("meanings") to them. This is Don't get us wrong, we LOVE ALL, however our goal is to reach out to them and share the Truth of Yahuah and His Torah (His teachings and instructions).

Shalum and welcome, my name is Symmanayah. I encourage you to seek the Father, Yahuah for the truth in all things. I decree and declare that they will break yokes, strongholds, bring fresh anew and anointed deliverance in Yahusha Hamashiach’s mighty name! In this intensive study we will investigate all the different name meanings pointing us to salvation/deliverance in Scripture - it includes the names [Yeshua], [Yeshuah], [Yahushua] and [Yahusha]. You cannot pray in your own names, in your own boldness or strength. To be a blessing to this ministry of mines.

Learn about the appointed times and feasts we are to celebrate as the bride of Yahushua, Jesus Christ. VISITATION, VICTORY AND VINDICATION is come, says Yahuah The Original Image of Yahshua. *** How to pray *** Pray in the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Right now, I am going to explain the true meaning of the name of Yahushua which is very powerful! His Name means… Meaning of Yahushua. Restoration of Yahuah’s Torah in your life.

Moses' successor, who led the Israelites in the conquest We have seen many articles discussing the pronunciation of the name of our Messiah as either “Yahushua” or “Yahusha”. About pilgrim217 Student of the Word of YAHUAH and Follower of YAHUSHUA ha'Mashyach. Unfriendly visitors don't have to tell us what they think about YaHUShUA. However, I call Him Yahushua. Names of Yahuah & YaHuSHua, .

First of all ALL Praise to YAHUAH our Mighty One creator of the Shamayims and all that is in it. yahuah and yahushua

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